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The Eorlingas

Ēalā! Welcome to the Eorlingas - the true meaning of home for the sons and daughters of the Riddermark. We are a lore-heavy roleplay kinship on the Laurelin server of The Lord of the Rings Online. We are a Rohirrim-only kinship, who focus on providing a stable roleplaying environment that stays true to the lore provided by J.R.R. Tolkien, through character and kin development, progressive plot lines and story arcs, and quality storytelling.

Our primary goal is to establish deep and lasting character development within a mostly militaristic, yet personal setting, which in turn moves the kinship forward and allows it to grow and prosper. We're supplementing this emphasis with weekly&monthly events designed to reflect Rohan culture and lore, and promote it in an accurate and fun way for the entire server to enjoy.

In addition to being a militia kin, we are also a kin based on the culture of Rohan. Many events are focused on culture, and we draw from Tolkien's own sources for the Rohirrim, as well as Turbine's own lore, to create an accurate depiction of Rohirrim culture.

We strive to be a tight-knit group of gamers with a down to earth, mature attitude towards the game and our fellow community. We welcome you to browse our site, our logs and forums. If you are interested in joining us, roleplaying with us, or collaborating on an event or storyline, you may contact an administrator via the site or in game. If you see us around, give us a shout, or pull us into a scene. We look forward to role playing with you.

For stories and adventures by our members, visit us at the Laurelin Archives.

Law of the Riddermark

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